Theo. Dapore Original abstract paintings for sale

Original Abstract Paintings by Dapore

Modern art original abstract paintings  for sale by artist Theo Dapore. Here you may buy collector original paintings direct from the artist. Abstract artworks, many are multi three canvas sectional set. Original abstract paintings , landscape, floral & Theo’s best selling series Last Apple.

Contemporary artist abstract painter Theo Dapore as of 2010 is 55 years old. Ohio artist located in Elyria which is a suburb of Cleveland. He offers modern original abstract art in acrylic on canvas. Abstract paintings, abstract landscapes, some with a surreal influence, abstract seascapes, some are large sofa size 5 panel sectional sets, abstract floral with unique unorthodox technique. Many of the original abstract art paintings are triptych ( 3 canvas paintings grouped together).  Post modern and some are contemporary abstract.

All art is on stretched canvas art. The canvas artwork is secured on the backs with painted sides.Many abstracts are large art. Dapore’s original art has a high collection rate. At this time over 1600 of his original abstracts have been acquired. Over 30% of  purchased art have been by returning clients that have come collectors of the unique art style.

The artist works many of his abstract art paintings in long sweeping brush strokes using a wide three inch brush. A combination of wet into wet blending of the paint on canvas creates a smooth transitional blend. Theo seldom uses an artist palette, rather he mixes and blends pure color directly on the stretched canvas art. Producing a distinct style that identifies abstract artwork as a Theo Dapore painting. Dapore produces many large abstract canvas paintings. Many are triptych (three canvas sectional) and has produced paintings as large as 96 inches wide on a single canvas. Studio Dapore is experienced in hand stretching canvas art in large format. This has worked well for clients that demand a certain canvas size that is not available as an industry standard. The maximum length and height is 96 inches or 8 feet per single canvas. Though several canvases can be incorporated into a multiple canvas painting, increasing the size greatly. If you are searching to buy art or purchase art, Theo. Dapore offers many original abstract art paintings that are always readily available.

The artist at this time offers Original abstract paintings for sale commission or special orders per client request. You may browse Commission a painting or contact the studio by phone or e-mail. Thank you for taking time to view my art and information.

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